Having a multidisciplinary team allows us to cover all areas of the Real Estate and Construction sectors. We specialize in each phase, always fulfilling the expectations of our customers.

Architecture services

We believe in the power of ideas, creativity and intuition to face challenges together with our customers. Offering the latest technologies, as well as commitment to the environment with constructive solutions, that brings innovation and adapts to the needs of the user, is the key to customer satisfaction.

The possibility of integrating all elements of the creation, production and post-sale process thanks to the coexistence of our departments (architecture-building-real estate) guarantees the efficiency and profitability of the efforts, optimizing the resources, time, solutions and attention to details.

Our experience in the obtaining all necessary building permits and licenses and management process with the different administrations facilitates the agility of the processes.

  • New building projects
  • Projects of reform, habilitation and interior design
  • Landscaping projects and inner urbanization of plot/li>
  • Construction management
  • Economic and feasibility studies
  • Energy certificates

Construction and Reform Services

We offer you a complete analysis of the feasibility of your planned work using the technical experience and knowledge of our architects with the objective of offering closed and adjusted budgets, without unpleasant and hidden surprises.

We offer any realization of building work with a detailed budget in which the client has the permanent control of the project, in which he wants to invest his money.

Using our own construction equipment, rather than outsourcing work, we ensures good results and excellent finishes, which characterize our company during years of experience.

  • Construction of new housing projects
  • Integral reforms
  • Landscaping and inner urbanization of plot
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Swimming pools
  • Home staging

New development Projects

A new project consists of carrying out the work and being responsible for the complete processes, right down to deliver it completely finished; ready to go move in the next day.

In this type of commitment, the company agrees to have a single contractor developing a complete project carrying out its specifications.

With this, the customer forgets the worry of the continuous decision making without losing control of the same in terms of design and construction.

Benefits of a new project:

  • Guaranty in delivery time.
  • Increased speed of construction.
  • Respect to the initial budget (without changes of the initial proposal).
  • Contractual gaps and misunderstandings are reduced to zero.
  • A single person responsible for meeting the objective. WE!
  • Lower customer risk in decision making.

Real state services

Our excellent location on the main street of Denia facilitates the demand of both domestic and international buyers. Our sales team will take you through the process of buying or selling your home with detailed advice.

The secret of the excellent exposure of the house you which to sell or buy, is based on three factors: the strategic location of our office on the main street of Denia (capital of Marina Alta); the complete integration of new technologies and social networks that play an essential role in today's society; and finally, the inclusion of VIVES PONS in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) an association in which we collaborate more than 25 real estate agents offering a greater exposure, fluidity and ease of management for the owner.

  • Catchment
  • Buy and sell
  • Advice Real Estate valuation (real market valuation)
  • Checking the documentation of the home prior to purchase
  • Assistance to signature in notary
  • Changes in the name of supplies "water and light"